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We Live On A Movie Studio

We are slowly getting unpacked, slowly getting organized, and slowly putting up the art. At this moment Joe is hooking up the secondary speakers to our stereo so we will have ersatz surround sound and immersive audio-video experiences. (Heh.) We've been back to the house once, to pick up another carload of stuff, vacuum, and clean. That was last weekend. This weekend the weather was monsoon-like, so we opted to stay here and unpack some... Read more →

Packin' Up

Here I am in my handy-dandy hotel room, my home away from home for the next five days. My knees are not at all happy with me, I can tell you that for sure! The house is turning into one big box. Joe spent all last week packing books and purging the detritus of 26 years of accumulation -- stuff we forgot we even had keeps turning up. Sometimes the discovery is a wonderful surprise;... Read more →


It will take me just about six minutes to get to work - and that's taking the long way. I think I can deal with that. The horrible terrible snowstorm of early March turned out to be kind of a dud up here in the King. I got a little cabin feverish towards lunchtime, so I thought maybe I'd clean off the car so that I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow morning. Well, there... Read more →

Mary and Joe's Big Adventure: Apartment Edition

Last weekend we trotted up to King of Prussia to find a place to live. After all, 135 miles is a bit of an unsustainable commute. Okay, let me back up a tad. As I was wiling away my remaining days at work, I researched apartments in King of Prussia. Our first requirement was that the apartment would have to have three bedrooms, or two bedrooms and a den. The second requirement was that it... Read more →