Mary and Joe's Big Adventure: Apartment Edition
Packin' Up


It will take me just about six minutes to get to work - and that's taking the long way.

I think I can deal with that.

The horrible terrible snowstorm of early March turned out to be kind of a dud up here in the King. I got a little cabin feverish towards lunchtime, so I thought maybe I'd clean off the car so that I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow morning. Well, there wasn't much to clean off; in fact, the windshield wipers did most of the work. (Oh, and thanks to Alamo/National for having a scraper in the car.) Once that was done, I tooled around the neighborhood.

I drove to work (one minute - maybe - from my hotel) and scoped out the parking. Then I drove over the river and down the hill to scope out my new home! I just drove around, picked out my apartment, and then timed how long it would take to get to work.

Yup. Six minutes.

I kept on driving over to the Mega Mall to find some lunch - I had a very specific destination in mind: Shake Shack. I noticed it the first time we came up for my interview; I noticed it a couple weeks ago when we came up to apartment hunt. And I found it!

The area is beginning to make sense a little bit. I can get to work, to my new home, to various places in the Mega Mall. When the Google Maps Navigation Lady directed me to take a certain road to my hotel, I knew I couldn't because it was closed. (Silly Google Maps Navigation Lady! Why didn't you know that?) But I figured out the alternate route all by myself.

Yeah, I think it's gonna work.