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Oh Hello - It's the New Year

Already nine days into the new year! How'd that happen?

Anyway, things are in full "goal setting and yearly planning" mode at the old workplace, and for once I think it's okay.

Then again, "things" are continuing to continue, so who knows? I should know more shortly.

I've decided that either way, it's all good. If it goes one way, I have a big old brand new challenge and adventure; if it goes the other way, I have about 18 months until I can take the money and run. Win-win!

 I sent my Zentangle-inspired Pisces tattoo designs to my lovely coworker, telling her that she was free to pick one, change up any design to suit her, or simply tell me that she hated all of them and I would not be hurt.

I got an email back shortly afterward, in which she said (and I quote) "OMG!!! I love all of them!!!!" and other words to that effect. So... score! She did not say which one she's going to use, but hey! I'm happy regardless. I can't wait to see the result! (And yes Judy, she's going to pay me!)

Speaking of Zentangle-y things, here's my contribution to the Diva Challenge for this week -- to draw a 2014, Happy New Year themed Zentangle. Here's mine -- a little silly, a little flowery, a little orderly, a little dotty. Happy New Year!

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