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Three Score and Two

It's official. I now qualify for a reverse mortgage. I'm not quite eligible for Social Security or Medicare, but a reverse mortgage? Yeah! So, I'm 62. I started this blog/journal/online diary/non-monetized web content the year I turned 50. Make of that what you will! My horoscope, as written in the Washington Post today, says: This year your magnetism soars. Others can't help but be drawn to you. You create drama and energy wherever you go.... Read more →

Oh Hello - It's the New Year

Already nine days into the new year! How'd that happen? Anyway, things are in full "goal setting and yearly planning" mode at the old workplace, and for once I think it's okay. Then again, "things" are continuing to continue, so who knows? I should know more shortly. I've decided that either way, it's all good. If it goes one way, I have a big old brand new challenge and adventure; if it goes the other... Read more →

Vacation Report Card

Today is the last day of my lovely, lovely vacation. Alas! As you may recall, I set some pretty challenging goals for this stretch of time off. Let's see how well I did at meeting them, shall we? Do some cookin' and bakin'. I did both! I made more peppermint bark, apple cider caramels, and maple nutmeg cookies; and I cooked a lot when we were at the beach. It's amazing how much cheaper a... Read more →