I Had A Baby!
Ho Ho Sunday Stealing



It was kind of an interesting day -- nothing earthshaking, but a few small victories.

The weather sure was interesting -- snow, sleet, slush, goop. Trees coated with ice are lovely; sidewalks coated with ice are not. Because of this, my phone rang at 5:00 in the morning informing me that the company was on Code 1A -- business as usual, but you can come in up to two hours later than normal. So I did, timing it so that I could stop at Starbucks for a latte, scone, and free sample of cranberry bliss bar and still catch the company shuttle. Which I did. Yay.

Once I got to work, the Overlord came to commune with me and explain why the Underlord dumped her strategic project on me and my coworker buddy. He flattered me pretty egregiously, as did the Underlord. That fact, however, is that she's sick of the project and just wants it to end, so we get to do it!  I'm not particularly excited by this, as I think it's kind of a big boondoggle, but I do like the acknowledgment that I'm good at "relationship building." Yay.

Then a standing project meeting scheduled for tomorrow got canceled. Great news, because now I do not have to report on The Project From Hell. I had blocked off all day today to work on it and having that meeting canceled removed a lot of the pressure. I finished it anyway, just to be able to say it was done. Yay.

Also canceled was a divisional All-Hands meeting and the yearly Mandatory Fun, so I don't have to make my contribution to the potluck tonight. It's not that I don't want to make it, but I'd rather watch TV and relax. Yay.

Later, the Underlord sent an email telling us that we could all work at home tomorrow, because it's supposed to snow some more, with the bulk of the white crap coming during the AM rush hour. I made a list of all the stuff I could get sweep off my plate and lugged my laptop home. Now I can sleep later tomorrow and remain in my jammies all the livelong day. Yay.

Finally, I have finished this post. It won't make anybody's "Best Of" list, but it's done and I'm still on a roll with Holidailies. Yay!