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Prior to the All-Hands last Wednesday, one of the VPs asked everyone to brag about our "personal accomplishments" for the year. I got all brave, thought "what the hell", listed my Zentangle stuff as my accomplishment, and directed her to my Flickr set. She grabbed four of the images and put them in her presentation of everybody's accomplishments. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over everyone's accomplishments -- it was a nice thing, as these things go.

And that was that, I thought.

On Thursday, during one of my many audio narration recording sessions, one of my colleagues grabbed me and brought me into her office to tell me how much she liked my stuff. Then!

She said she was planning to get a tattoo for her birthday in honor of her daughter, and she wanted me to design it.


I was flabbergasted. I said oh no, I'm not that good, I can't do that. She allowed as how she loved my stuff and she really wanted me to do it, and she would pay me.

And what she wants is a design reflecting her daughter's astrological sign, Pisces. Oh my God.

Well, I said I would try and she was free to reject anything and I wouldn't be hurt, and oh by the way, she would not be paying me.

I looked up various interpretations of Pisces. Today I gave it a shot. Here's my first try -- what do you think? Is it fishy enough?

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