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Trees and Pants

The Third Day of Advent Little Known Factoid About Me is that I became a football fan to have something in common with my Pop. I will always remember him trying to explain the game to me: "See, you have four downs to make 10 yards." Downs? What means this "downs"? It took quite a while for me to get that a "down" was a "chance." Once I got that down (heh), I picked up the rest pretty easily.

My sibs and I are always quoting my Pop's football comments. Every time a flag was thrown? "Holding." Two minutes left in the game and the Redskins are losing? "Plenty of time!"

Anyway, Joe and I went to the game last Sunday. Alas! The Redskins lost to the hated Giants, 24-17. It was very sad -- especially when the refs botched a call late in the game -- but at least the team made a game of it. Well, mostly. Okay, in the first half. We did get to sing the fight song twice!

It was a late game, so it was already almost dark by the time we arrived at the field for tailgating. The trees looked sort of ethereal in the light of the halogen parking lot lights.

Trees and Pants
Ghostly Trees

 My sister knows how to tailgate, let me tell you. We set up the tent and fired up the little heater, plugged the crockpot into the big battery, and set up the wings, coleslaw, chips and dips. And, of course, the cooler. My sis likes white zinfandel and God knows that stuff goes down easy, so I joined her in several mini-bottles of the delicious pink beverage. Once we were inside the stadium, she kept supplying me with spiked hot apple cider.

Oh my yes. Let us just say that I was not cold for one second, even though it was about 30 degrees.

So it wasn't a total loss. I even got a shot of this Giants fan sitting in front of us. Hey! Giants fan! Pull up your goddamn pants!

Trees and Pants
A Giants Fan

Location: Fedex Field, Section 134
Sag Factor: 6