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Twelve days until Christmas!

In that time, I have to:

  • Finish shopping -- I will have to brave a big box store at some point. I know exactly what I want, though, so as long as I don't get lost I'll be fine. I'm thinking of it as a "search and acquire" mission.
  • Finish the interview. That's happening soon -- a phone call with the remaining interviewer.
  • Decorate -- this means setting up Target Tree and Kringle Bear. In fact, I plan to take Target Tree to the beach when we go.
  • Make goodies. I am definitely making peppermint bark for the Mandatory Fun at work on Monday, and I really really really want to try this recipe. Doing this will entail...
  • A grocery run for ingredients specific to the recipe. And wrapping paper. Tape? Hmm.
  • Wrapping!
  • Have Christmas Eve Dinner with my sister and brother and their families.
  • Go to Ocean City and have Christmas with my family.
  • Visit all the Ocean City family.
  • Eat.
  • Drink.
  • Be merry!

All of this? Very doable. Very doable indeed!