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I have spent the entire day in my jammies and I am not even sick, not even a little bit.

Why not? I slept late -- 8:30 -- and it's pancake day and the weather has been quite nasty all day and there was no earthly reason to get into clothes that were not my pajamas. It just seemed like too much work for too little return (kind of like the project that the Underlord was working on and then dumped on me because she "was tired of it and couldn't work on it anymore" and the Overlord wanted her to work on goals for 2014 -- but I'm not bitter).

Joe did get dressed, because he had to make a beer run for a party he's going to tomorrow. However, as soon as he got home he changed back into his pajamas.

To be honest, my pajamas aren't official pajamas. They consist of a pair of slightly too large knit pants and an oversized waffle shirt and my slippers. This outfit is nice and warm and very comfortable, so on a day like today when the rain is just this side of freezing and the Army-Navy game is on TV and the coffee is fresh, it is simply good sense to wear the clothes that one feels laziest in.

I did, however, make the peppermint bark, so that's one thing off the to-do list!

We are now watching Svengoolie introduce tonight's cinematic triumph of a monster movie: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney Junior as the Wolfman and Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's monster. How this epic missed out on winning Best Picture I'll never understand.