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Pajama Day

I have spent the entire day in my jammies and I am not even sick, not even a little bit. Why not? I slept late -- 8:30 -- and it's pancake day and the weather has been quite nasty all day and there was no earthly reason to get into clothes that were not my pajamas. It just seemed like too much work for too little return (kind of like the project that the Underlord... Read more →

The To-Do List

Twelve days until Christmas! In that time, I have to: Finish shopping -- I will have to brave a big box store at some point. I know exactly what I want, though, so as long as I don't get lost I'll be fine. I'm thinking of it as a "search and acquire" mission. Finish the interview. That's happening soon -- a phone call with the remaining interviewer. Decorate -- this means setting up Target Tree... Read more →

How It Went

Dang! I missed posting yesterday, but I had a good reason. We traveled up I-95 so I could have my in-person inteview for a job I'm interested in. We left the house at just about 8:30, right after I tweezed a few recalcitrant goat hairs out of my chin. You simply cannot go into an interview with recalcitrant goat hairs! The drive up was quick and uneventful. We paid our respects to Our Lady of... Read more →

Ho Ho Sunday Stealing

Well, I've started a bunch on posts this evening and nothing was working, so poop. Here's the latest Sunday Stealing, a reliable source of post fodder. The I Amuse Myself Meme from FoxyDanish 01. What is something that you have lost recently?: My lunchbox. I had this very nice little padded lunchbox that I got at Target. It was very simple but cute, branded by Rachael Ray. I think it cost $7.00. I left in... Read more →


It was kind of an interesting day -- nothing earthshaking, but a few small victories. The weather sure was interesting -- snow, sleet, slush, goop. Trees coated with ice are lovely; sidewalks coated with ice are not. Because of this, my phone rang at 5:00 in the morning informing me that the company was on Code 1A -- business as usual, but you can come in up to two hours later than normal. So I... Read more →

I Had A Baby!

Boy oh boy, these Facebook memes are coming in handy for these Holidailies entries! This one talking about pregnancy and childbirth. The lovely and talented LA assigned me the number 9; therefore, I shall now list nine interesting (I hope) facts about my pregnancy -- if I can remember that many! (Also, it gives me a chance to tell you some things you may not know about me. Madness, meet method! I'm pretty sure I... Read more →


This cat reminds me of my mother, waiting up for me to get home from a date. Your weekend kitty says it's about time you all got home! Oh, all right -- Mom never actually sat in the window. She actually went to bed, but she never slept until we were safely home, our dates were gone, and we were far removed from the near occasion of sin. She was particularly good at sussing out... Read more →

Ten Albums

So this meme has been going around Facebook, so I thought it would make a good post. It's easier to wax eloquent about the albums and songs in a blog post, rather than a Facebook post. Here goes! Rules: 10 Albums in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Music that still resonates, regardless of quality or artist. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right"... Read more →

Barbie Jesus

Today I'll tell you a weird fact about me: I was a very rigid kid, very much of a rule follower. I was really into things happening in the correct order at the correct time. Maybe it's because I was a middle child; maybe it's because I was raised Catlick. But I definitely thought that rules were there for a reason, and if you just followed the rules and the implicit schedule of life then... Read more →

A Wise Tradition

I lived down the hill and through the graveyard from our church. On Christmas Eve, my parents would go to Midnight Mass, then host a party for all of their friends and neighbors who also attended Midnight Mass. My Mom made crescent rolls (from scratch!) and seafoam candy; my Pop scrambled up a boatload of eggs and fried up bunches of bacon. There was coffee and orange juice and much laughter and talking. When my... Read more →