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The Closer You Get, The Longer It Takes

One More Day

Holidailies 2013 Badge

In less than 24 hours I will be on vacation for two weeks. I have been looking forward to this for... ever, it seems like.

I know, I know -- I was on vacation for a week less than a month ago, but it was not enough. Not nearly enough. I could be on vacation for two months and it would not be enough, but two weeks will have to do.

Let's see... what shall I do during this fabulous stretch of not working? I believe I shall:

  • do some cookin' and bakin',
  • go to some movies,
  • give out some presents,
  • take naps,
  • watch hockey,
  • draw some Zentangles, and
  • glom onto my family.

Challenging goals, yes; but definitely doable. I might even go completely wild and not wear a bra! Yes, look out, I'm goin' nuts!

So I got a petite bonus recently for a recent project. That was nice, for sure; I should have gotten two months ago but I'll take it. The Lords (Over and Under) have been buttering me up lately, which leads me to believe that they may suspect.

Good. They should suspect.

I had the last of my interviews yesterday, by phone. I booked a conference room so that I could talk without interruption and without inadvertant eavesdropping. I think it went well; I pulled out all of the stops and allowed as how I the cat's meow, the shiz, the right gal for the job.

They're not making a decision until early January. So until then, I will enjoy my vacation -- in one more day.