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Dang! I missed posting yesterday, but I had a good reason. We traveled up I-95 so I could have my in-person inteview for a job I'm interested in.

We left the house at just about 8:30, right after I tweezed a few recalcitrant goat hairs out of my chin. You simply cannot go into an interview with recalcitrant goat hairs!

The drive up was quick and uneventful. We paid our respects to Our Lady of the Highways and remembered the many times we drove the same route to pick up and drop off SonnyeBoy at college. We arrived two hours early, as is our wont, so we camped out at the humongous mall and had some lunch. I called my colleague and she joined us, giving me some valuable information to take to the meetings, such as the fact that the writers had attended Agile training a couple days ago.

Everyone was very nice. No one asked a question that I couldn't answer reasonably intelligently. The funny thing was that I recognized several of the questions from the set of "behavioral" questions that we ask at interviews! Since I've asked those same questions of candidates, I knew I could answer them.

The last guy was a tougher nut to crack -- he's a development manager and was a little prickly at first. But I think I answered well. When he asked if I had any questions, I said, "I understand the company is moving to the Agile development methodology. How do you see the documentation function fitting into that?" His face actually moved, so I think I might have impressed him slightly. I was able to throw around some Agile terminology and point out how the writers could contribute to the whole schmozz, so if I didn't dazzle, at least I baffled.

We shall see. I have one more phone interview next week. They have a couple more folks to talk to and will make a decision in early January.

The ride back was tiring. We waited until dusk so as not to blind ourselves from driving smack dab into the setting sun, and instead drove right into rush hour on the expressway. We crept along for about 15 miles and then exited onto the interstate where things loosened up considerably. Once we hit Delaware Joe the pedal to the metal and we flew on home.

Once we got here, all I wanted to do was put on my jammies, lie down, and pass out.

Which I did. But all in all, so far, so good.