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Out with the Old; In with the New

Here it is - New Year's Eve once again. I can't say that I'm sorry to see the end of 2013, but I'm hopeful that 2014 will be happier for all of us! This little vacation has been great. We've done lots of nothing and enjoyed every minute! Okay, maybe I've done a few drawings and seen a movie and hung out with my wonderful family. The main thing is that it wasn't work! The... Read more →

Pisces II and III

As I mentioned last week (I think), a colleague of mine asked me to design a Zentangle - Pisces tattoo. Thanks to those of you who gave me great feedback on Pisces I! I went ahead and looked at lots if online images before trying again, and here are the next two efforts. Pisces II is more... Um... Zentangle-ly? than Pisces III, but Pisces III incorporates the "H"-looking symbol for Pisces. So. What do you... Read more →

Lots of Love

Christmas was wonderful, of course. We packed up the car and the cat after a leisurely breakfast and spun on down to the beach. Once we unloaded, I set up Target Tree. Just as I draped the last bit of silver bead, SonnyeBoy walked in the door. Hugs ensued. Then we opened presents! Everything was a hit! Santa brought me just what I asked for, as you can see. The feast at my sister's house... Read more →

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas morning and we are getting ready to go... Over the Bay Bridge and to the shore To Ocean City we go! We'll carry the gifts And even LIttle Bits Even though there is no snow - oh! Down US 50 and then due east We bring our holiday. To see family we love We'll very soon shove Off on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Read more →

It's A Wonderful Lion

A couple days ago I wrote down my to-do list for vacation, to wit: do some cookin' and bakin', go to some movies, give out some presents,d take naps, watch hockey, draw some Zentangles, and glom onto my family. I'm off to a good start, especially in the movie category. In three days of vacation, we've seen two movies. We love going to the AFI Silver Theater. This wonderful old movie palace is 75 years... Read more →

Working for Scale

So...... Prior to the All-Hands last Wednesday, one of the VPs asked everyone to brag about our "personal accomplishments" for the year. I got all brave, thought "what the hell", listed my Zentangle stuff as my accomplishment, and directed her to my Flickr set. She grabbed four of the images and put them in her presentation of everybody's accomplishments. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over everyone's accomplishments -- it was a nice thing, as these things... Read more →

The Closer You Get, The Longer It Takes

What is it about the last day before vacation that makes it seem simultaneously a million hours long and way too short? I had three projects that I wanted to wrap up before I could leave with a clear conscience -- two were my own projects and one was a project I'm helping a colleague with. And, I had an hour-long meeting to suffer through. I finished up my part of my colleague's project first.... Read more →

One More Day

In less than 24 hours I will be on vacation for two weeks. I have been looking forward to this for... ever, it seems like. I know, I know -- I was on vacation for a week less than a month ago, but it was not enough. Not nearly enough. I could be on vacation for two months and it would not be enough, but two weeks will have to do. Let's see... what shall... Read more →

Mandatory Fun

Today we had the Holiday Potluck and Ugly Sweater Contest, also known as the Mandatory Fun. I must admit that, even though I make fun, I had a nice time. I made Chocolate Peppermint Bark for my contribution. You should never ever pay astromical Williams-Sonoma prices for this delightful holiday treat, because it is ridiculously easy to make. I mean, really! You just go to the store, buy two 8-ounce Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate bars, two... Read more →