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It All Balances Out

Here are ten things that happened that reminded me that even though a day might start out badly, it can end up ... goodly?... okay, it can get much better. 1. The cat woke me up at 5:00 by yowling insistently. The reason? She had to pee. The problem? I'd shut the door tight instead of leaving it ajar. Eventually she shut up. 2. The reason she shut up? She peed. On the bed. Right... Read more →

Full Military Honors

I took today off to attend my cousin's interment. It took three weeks because of some stupidity on the part of the cemetery management. (The same cemetery that neglected my mother's grave so egregiously.) My relatives are buried all over this historic cemetery, and my cousin wanted his ashes to be interred with his parents. So on this cold, bright morning Joe and I walked up to the old church to attend my cousin's burial,... Read more →