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Weekend Recap


Anyhow, back to the weekend. We simply bounced from one fun-filled activity to the next! Friday night I had dinner with my high school pals. We had a little bitty room all to ourselves, which was terrific because the rest of the restaurant was filled with other large parties, including one party of 40! The restaurant was a nice Italian joint that has the most wonderful limoncello tartufo... sigh.

Saturday was, of course, pancake day, but also Caps Game Day. We went downtown early to attend a chalk talk with General Manager George McPhee (GMGM). The chalk talk was pretty much a Q&A with the crowd, and was pretty interesting and fun.

And, the game was great! We beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-1, so there was much leaping and hollering and cheering and clapping. And I bought a pair of Caps argyle socks - bonus!

Then Sunday we joined my sister and family for the Washington-Chicago game. As usual, we went to Fedex Field a little early for the traditional tailgate party. 

And, we won the game thanks to a thrilling last-minute drive! The final score was Washington 45, Chicago 41, which means that we got to sing the team fight song seven times, much to the dismay of the many many Chicago fans littering the stadium. There was much hollering and cheering and leaping too.

I'm still a little hoarse.

But what a great weekend!