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Not Quite Ten Things to Sum Up the Last Two Weeks

Okay! I'm back!

Here's a bulleted list of not quite ten things that sums up the last couple of weeks.

  • Joe is fine. He went to his primary care doc for a followup a couple days after his fake heart attack, and the doc told him "no more coffee, no more beer, no more cigars." He lasted a day. I don't blame him; I mean, I couldn't give up coffee either. (Beer and cigars? Maybe.)
  • SonnyeBoy arrived at the house late last Saturday afternoon to take advantage of our extra parking space. We took him to the airport Sunday evening to see him off on his whirlwind trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. I am having a ball following his posts and looking at his pictures on Facebook -- so far, he's been to a Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball game, taken a trip to Hoover Dam, seen Jubilee! (courtesy of my great good circus friend Shad), ridden the New York New York rollercoaster, and won a decent amount of money at the craps table! He's also going to see Evil Dead: The Musical. I can't wait to hear all about his adventures!
  • We took off for western Maryland on a whim the weekend before last to spend some time with Joe's sister. She recently sold her little house in Florida, so her house is chock full of boxes. We brought some stuff home with us, including a dozen or so old 78 RPM jazz records. Luckily, we have a turntable, so we'll see if (a) the turntable will actually play 78 RPM records and (b) they sound any good. We yakked and laughed and ate and had a fine time.
  • Even though I didn't get to go to Weetacon this year, I did comment on all of the Igigi dress reviews from the yearly fashion show. The deal is that if you comment, you have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. And I won! Yay! So I bought this dress, and it came last week, and I love love love it. I have the perfect little red jacket to wear with it when the weather gets cooler.
  • Work. Sigh. Work is work is work. The Over- and Underlords continue to irritate. I continue to medicate. So it goes.
  • I took a Zentangle® class! It was fun! I sat at a table with four other friendly women and learned several new tangles. Everyone got a nice little packet with the essential supplies: two pens, five tiles, a soft pencil, and a shading blender. I'm still drawing Zentangles at a steady clip, so I'm thinking I might take an intermediate class or two.
  • Football season has started, and you know what that means -- Hockey season starts next month!