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Stress Tested and Worries Rested

Tights Are Not Pants: Purple Edition

Today was public transportation day. Joe had to be at work (YES! WORK! More on that later.) at the ass crack of dawn (5:30 am, to be precise) and he worked until the last light of day (okay, not quite -- 6:00 pm). So, I had to rely on my legs, the subway, and the bus to:

  • get to work -- short walk, express bus, subway, company shuttle
  • get to the dentist -- longer walk, subway, longer walk
  • get home from the dentist -- longer walk, Metro bus, Ride-On bus, Metro bus, short walk.

But all of this transportation hoo-hah did have its rewards.

Behold. Purple... camo? Leopard print? Abstract art? In any case, NOT PANTS!


Tights Are Not Pants

Location: the 39 Ride-On bus