Tights Are Not Pants: Purple Edition
Not Quite Ten Things to Sum Up the Last Two Weeks

Stress Tested and Worries Rested

Is there anything more stressfully boring and boringly stressful than an ER? Is there anyplace less private?

No. At least not in any ER that I've frequented.

I went to work yesterday despite the fact that Joe wasn't feeling well. He allowed as how he was short of breath and had a dull, tight pain in the middle of his chest. He called in sick (his third day at his new job) and decided to rest up.

This new job is very physically demanding - it was advertised as a delivery driver job for a local catering company, but it turns out that the driving is the least of it. It's more like loading the truck for the event, driving to the event, unloading the truck, setting everything up, maybe hanging out and serving, picking up all the equipment after the event, and unloading the truck back at the company. The events include everything from a party platter for an office lunch to full-fledged banquets, weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceneras, and everything in between.

But I digress. Sort of. Where was I? Oh, right.

I was well into taking care of my bidniss for the day when Joe called to tell me the ambulance was taking him to the ER.

As soon as I hung up, I called the Underlord and said "See ya!" I made the company shuttle to Metro, jumped on the train, and walked the half-mile to the Holy Cross hospital ER. Joe was hooked up to everything, oxygen tube snaking around his ears and settled into his snoot.

And the long wait began... trying to pass the time, watching bad daytime TV (thank God for the Antiques Roadshow marathon), listening to people barfing, hearing the complaints from the various other patients, eavesdropping on the drama in the next cubicle... Six hours, two doctors, and one pre-made pasta salad later, the word came down - transport to the schmancy new Kaiser Urgent Care center for overnight observation and a stress test.

Joe got transported to the Urgent Care and I took a cab home, had a long chat with SonnyeBoy, ate a microwaved burrito, and sacked out.

This morning I was practically walking out the door to work - the plan was for me to facilitate my webinar this morning, then go on over to the Urgent Care - when the Underlord texted me to say that I should not come in, should go be with Joe, my coworker would facilitate.

Wow. Okay, then!

So out to the Urgent Care I went. Joe was already doing the stress test, so I sat in his pretty nice roomette and read the paper, played Candy Crush Saga (I am currently totally stuck on Level 23, dammit), and drew a Zentangle. He finally came back and we waited some more. Finally the doc came in with the news: stress test normal, heart enzymes normal, symptoms probably from muscular strain combined with acid reflux, here's your discharge papers, see ya bye.

Whew. That news made all of the waiting, stress, and boredom worth it.