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Stress Tested and Worries Rested

Is there anything more stressfully boring and boringly stressful than an ER? Is there anyplace less private? No. At least not in any ER that I've frequented. I went to work yesterday despite the fact that Joe wasn't feeling well. He allowed as how he was short of breath and had a dull, tight pain in the middle of his chest. He called in sick (his third day at his new job) and decided to... Read more →

Tights Are Not Pants: Purple Edition

Today was public transportation day. Joe had to be at work (YES! WORK! More on that later.) at the ass crack of dawn (5:30 am, to be precise) and he worked until the last light of day (okay, not quite -- 6:00 pm). So, I had to rely on my legs, the subway, and the bus to: get to work -- short walk, express bus, subway, company shuttle get to the dentist -- longer walk,... Read more →

It's a Small Rock and Roll World

John Kelly is a great journalist who writes a column on DC for the Washington Post. He also plays drums for a local band, the Stepping Stones. Joe saw this tweet from John the other day: The Stepping Stones are a Monkees tribute band. Well, of course we were interested, for several reasons: We love local bands. We love the Monkees. (Yeah, I said it.) We've met John Kelly, because his wife, the lovely and... Read more →

My First Diva Challenge

In my recent wanderings through the world of Zentangle┬«, I ran across a blog titled I Am The Diva. The Diva runs a weekly challenge in which folks create a Zentangle┬« that incorporates a specific tangle. This week, the Diva chose a tangle called Henna Drum, which looks kinda like a flowery vine. So I thought I'd participate this week. Here's my shot at a Zentangle┬« featuring Henna Drum. It's not nearly as fancy as... Read more →

Tiny Trees and Corinthian Columns

Joe and I had quite an active weekend -- well, if you can call going to a movie and driving through a huge garden active. We went to the movies on Saturday, a rainy, damp, gray day -- perfect for a movie, actually. We saw The Wolverine. I liked it! I may not know all the lore behind the X-Men, but I did quite enjoy watching a moody, shirtless Hugh Jackman for a couple of... Read more →