Ten Things; Two Weeks
Rest in Peace, Jim

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Heat Wave Edition

 Sometimes things just fall (heh) into place.

I was riding up the long Metro when young man went sprinting up the moving stairs. I saw that his jeans were cinched around his thighs and his drawers were hanging out, but I was not about to follow him up the escalator. So I chalked it up to be "one that got away."

It happens.

Then when I got to the Metro entrance, voila! There he was, talkng to the newspaper guy. I immediately got very interested in my phone, walking just a wee bit away so that I could snap the incriminating photos.

Side View

And here - the piece de resistance, if you will -- the back view.

Back View

Sag factor: 9.5
Location: Van Ness Metro