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Rest in Peace, Jim

I met Jim Lawrence at JournalCon DC in 2004. I liked him right off the bat and began following his journal. He started following mine too. We had quite a bit in common -- we liked the same music, we both enjoyed cooking, we were both instructional designers, and we both knew what APL stands for (A Programming Language, if you're curious). I enjoyed his political views, even when they differed from mine, because he... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Heat Wave Edition

Sometimes things just fall (heh) into place. I was riding up the long Metro when young man went sprinting up the moving stairs. I saw that his jeans were cinched around his thighs and his drawers were hanging out, but I was not about to follow him up the escalator. So I chalked it up to be "one that got away." It happens. Then when I got to the Metro entrance, voila! There he was,... Read more →

Ten Things; Two Weeks

Been a while, hasn't it? Here are ten things that happened in the last couple of weeks. 1. Let's just get this out of way: work sucks. I'm maintaining, but I'm not doing anything that I remotely enjoy. The one project that I actually want to work on -- indeed, my strategic project! -- keeps getting pushed back. 2. But! Out of the blue the other day, I got an email from a former staffer.... Read more →

Vacation Did Not Start Out as Planned

The night before we left for our vacation in Ocean City, SonnyeBoy called. It was 11:30 pm, and we were in bed, and the phones was downstairs, and we did not hear it. He did not leave a message The next morning as we drank our coffee before packing to leave, we called him back. He had been forced to resign from the Ocean City Police Department and was sounding very angry and very very... Read more →