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This One's for You, Tommy

I carry around an old, creased, stained letter in my purse all the time. It's from my dearly departed friend Tom, who was my first close gay friend and the first person I knew personally to die from AIDS. I love this letter. When I'm feeling lost, I pull it out of purse and read it. It comforts me, inspires me, and also makes me cry a little. It's dated January 5, 1994. In it,... Read more →

My Latest Hobby

A couple of weeks ago we picked up my BFF Judy and headed down to Ocean City! The trip from BWI rail station was really grueling. Tropical Storm Andrea was drenching us in rain, traffic was backed up for miles and miles and miles and miles to get across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and it took us a grand total of seven hours to get to our little house on the bayside. (It usually takes... Read more →

And That Sums It Up

Thirty-three years ago today, Joe and I got married. So let's do a little numerological experiment, shall we? Thirty-three reduces to six; that is, 3+3=6. I wonder which Tarot card the number 6 represents? Oh my goodness! It's this one: According to Brigit of Biddy Tarot: The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Boardwalk Edition

Droopy drawers on the Ocean City Boardwalk? It's like shootin' fish in a barrel. These guys stopped to chat up these young ladies, and I couldn't resist getting a shot of this three-layer droop. Look closely -- plaid under an island motif under camo. Points for creativity! Then there's this long drink o' water -- the classic saggy jeans over bright red undies. The matching red bandanna lends a certain je ne sais quoi to... Read more →


Here I am with a couple of real clowns! (I wish the light were better, but hey.) Yes! Every year the Kelly-Miller Circus comes to Olney (only seven miles from us) and every year we try to go. And one reason we go to this lovely small show is to see the clowns, of course. Steve and Ryan are two of the best in the business. I met Steve briefly at the Clown College Reunion,... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Close Up Edition

Yes, right in front me on Metro. A stripe-ass fellow with droopy drawers. He and his girlfriend were cuttin' up all the way from my gettin'-on stop, and he was intruding into my sacred seat space by draping his arm way over the seat. So, when he got up to get off the train.... Well, karma can be a bitch. Welcome to the internet! Sag Factor: 8.5 Location: Rhode Island Avenue Metro Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Awkwardly Intriguing Questions

It's a regular social whirl this weekend, so rather than wait another day, here is this week's Sunday Stealing! It's called -- for some reason -- Awkwardly Intriguing Questions. 1. What’s something you hide about your personality? My shyness. I'm pretty good at mixing and mingling, but I need a lot of downtime afterward. 2. How do you deal with criticism? It depends on the criticism. If it's constructive and I can act on it,... Read more →