Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Close Up Edition
Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Boardwalk Edition


Here I am with a couple of real clowns! (I wish the light were better, but hey.)



Every year the Kelly-Miller Circus comes to Olney (only seven miles from us) and every year we try to go. And one reason we go to this lovely small show is to see the clowns, of course.

Steve and Ryan are two of the best in the business. I met Steve briefly at the Clown College Reunion, and then saw them a couple of years ago when K-M came to town, and then we became Facebook friends. Last week Joe noticed that the show was coming this week, so I sat down to send Steve a note. Lo and behold, he had already sent me one! Not only that, he got us ringside comps!

We went to the show Tuesday evening and had a great time. Going to a little show like this is like going home for me. I love all of the acts, from the acrobats doing amazing feats of strength to the gootiful birls doing still trapeze and aerial ballet, to the fabulous juggler mouth-juggling five ping pong balls -- and yes, I love the animals -- the dogs, the llamas, the Liberty Zebras (!), and especially the elephants.

I love the midway, with the souvenirs, the floss and the peanuts, the special circus balloons.

I love the talker in front of the little sideshow, advertising the strange but true animal anomalies just behind the curtain.

But most of all, I love the clowns.


After the show, we treated Steve, Ryan, and Pete (their sound effects man and Ryan's brother) to a free roll (that's a free meal, for you non-circus folks) at the local sports bar. We swapped stories and told big lies and continued laughing for a couple more hours, until it was time to take the boys back to the lot and say good night for another year.

See you down the road, boys!