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Letting It Melt Away... At Least for Today

Thanks to all of you for your sympathy, advice, and kind words on that last entry. Believe me, my resume is in tip-top shape and I am actively getting it out there. I also told the Almost Underlord that yes,I made the deadline; but no, the work is not nearly as good as I would like it to be. You know the old saying: good, fast, or cheap -- pick two. Anyway! Today was about... Read more →

This Week I Blew My Top

This week I ran out of damns to give. Rats' asses too. I have been working on this project that pretty much sucks shit through a rag. I've been calling it my "Bait and Switch" project, because I thought that I was done with it. Both the Supreme Overlord and the Overlord told me that we (meaning my group) would not be working on this project anymore. We'd already spent the entirety of last summer... Read more →

Tights Are Not Pants: Variety Edition

I have been quite remiss in posting examples of my latest fashion headshake, to wit: Tights are not pants. So, rather than post them one at a time, here is one big ol' collection of them. 1. Shades of the 80s -- the big shirt over tights. Comfortable, yes; pants, no. Oh, and the woman behind her? Those are actually jeans. Extraordinarily tight jeans, but jeans nonetheless. Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. 2. The paint splatter... Read more →

Recent Bizspeak Aggravations

I am getting really cranky in my old age, especially about bizspeak atrocities. I recently read an "impact report" that the Almost Underlord put together for the Supreme Overlord. It was about the recent Training Summit that we held, wherein we invited training managers from our customers to participate in a call about how we can help them and what we have to offer. Before the call, we conducted a survey (which we called a... Read more →

Apparently I Have A Following Among Graffiti Artists

I started out just snapping an occasional picture of the interesting graffiti along the Red Line during my daily commute. Now I have over 250 photos of street art in a Flickr set. I think this has become a full-fledged hobby! In fact, I now have actual graffiti artists following me on Instagram and Flickr! Who knew? I simply tagged the Instagram photos as "#urbanart" and "#graffiti" as pretty soon folks named "trill_ass_arnold" and "durkstevens"... Read more →