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Apparently I Have A Following Among Graffiti Artists

I started out just snapping an occasional picture of the interesting graffiti along the Red Line during my daily commute.

Now I have over 250 photos of street art in a Flickr set. I think this has become a full-fledged hobby! In fact, I now have actual graffiti artists following me on Instagram and Flickr! Who knew? I simply tagged the Instagram photos as "#urbanart" and "#graffiti" as pretty soon folks named "trill_ass_arnold" and "durkstevens" and "loudmanee_shmokindopee" were liking and commenting and following. Then I started seeing that graffiti artists found my Flickr set and starting favoriting (it pains me to write that, but not enough to refrain from doing it) and commenting on the photos in it. Scando-Commando even sent me a link to a DC graffiti forum, where I found a posting of one of my pictures! At least the poster labeled it as "stolen" rather than taking credit for it. Honor among thieves, I suppose!

It's really fascinating to watch how the art changes. Sometimes it takes years; other times it happens within days. For example, for months this tag appeared on the side of a building in between the Takoma and Fort Totten stations:

Then one day I saw that this minimalist piece was covered by this extremely colorful and intricate piece featuring Dick Dastardly:

The names on either side of Mr. Dastardly are "Snek" and "Gowje" -- I've got several other tags featuring Snek, but he's usually paired with Fant. I wasn't entirely pleased with this shot -- it's a bit fuzzy -- so I was determined to get a better one. But before I could, this happened:

Voyer struck! I'm glad he didn't cover up Dick Dastardly, because this shot of him is much sharper.

Here's one more example -- I put these three shots in a collage picture to show the original graffitti, the coverup, and the coverup of the coverup! I swear the coverup lasted all of two days before the coverup of the coverup appeared. I'm waiting for a coverup of the coverup of the coverup.

Now, I know that "beef" is urban slang (also circus slang) for having a grudge against or wanting to fight another person. So... do you think Voyer is sending a message here? Or, as trill_ass_arnold commented on the Instagram post of the "Voyer loves beef" photo, perhaps Voyer actually loves beef and broccoli - as evidenced by the broccoli tree under the "loves beef".

In any case, it makes for an interesting and fun commute, watching how the art changes and trying to capture it before it disappears.