Tights Are Not Pants: Red Guy Edition
A Doozy of a Nightmare

Copyeditors Are Still Important, Part Two

It's Typo Time again!

First, a warning.


Ah, the old "seperate" typo -- it's a classic! In addition, there's no period at the end of the last sentence. Aside from those two mistakes, however, I love the tone of this note. It's mildly threatening, but very polite.

Next up, the double verb.


This is another error that spellcheck won't catch. I know, because I've done it myself. It happens when you decide to replace one verb with another, but you forget to delete the first verb. So you double the action!

Now, the simple omission of a single letter changes the whole meaning of the sentence.


I wonder if the "tree" kinds of milk make this a vegan dessert?

Oh, and speaking of desserts...


When you're going for a bad pun, at least make sure you use the right word. In this case, I'm thinking that those must be some sandy doughnuts.

 Here's an interesting feature for a hotel.


Sometimes a space can be the difference between a sleeping area and something that sounds like a breakfast pastry. I can hear it now:

"I'll have a cinnamon bun kroom and a cup of coffee, please!"

And finally, here is why cheating is on the rise, especially among "Gen Y" members. Evidently, it has something to do with background and culture, as opposed to moral principles.