A Doozy of a Nightmare
Apparently I Have A Following Among Graffiti Artists

Caps Caps Caps!

During the Capitals-Lightning hockey game on April 13, Joe sent the following tweet:


Exactly 10 seconds later, at 2:41 of the second period, Jason Chimera (aka Chim-Dog) scored!

See that black spot in the back of the net? That's the puck.

On April 14, Joe and I went to the extra-special spiffy Season Ticket Holders party at Six Flags. We ate hot dogs and chips, wandered around the park, and I stood in line to get autographs from Mathieu Perrault (Matty P!) and -- you guessed it -- Jason Chimera! As Chimmer was signing my program, I told him about Joe's tweet and his ensuing magical goal. Chimmer says to me, he says, "Tell him to keep tweeting!"

Jason Chimera signs my program!

Last night, at the Capitals-Jets game -- the most important game of the season -- the game that we could clinch the Southeast Division title by winning -- I reminded Joe of Chimmer's request. And so Joe tweeted:


Guess what? At 17:53 of the first period, Jason Chimera scored!

Chimmer celebrates his goal. All those guys in white? Couldn't stop him.

Joe had gone to the bathroom just before the goal, but he did see it on one of the many monitors on the concourse. When I went down during the intermission, I just looked at him in amazement. Joe was just as amazed and said, "I know, right???"

Chimmer's goal was one of five that the Caps scored, and we clinched the division title and the third seed in the playoffs! Do you think Joe will continue his tweeting ways?

Yes. Yes he will.