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Sunday Stealing: The Two-in-One Meme

To keep from chewing my fingernails down to the quick during the hockey game, I think I'll do this week's Sunday Stealing. 1: Who is your favorite Musical Artist from when you were a teenager? It's probably a tie between the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. I was sick a lot in eighth grade, and I remember listening to "Homeward Bound" on my transistor radio over and over and over. 2: Who is your favorite... Read more →

Day to Day

This happiness business is hard work. Part of it is knowing that no matter how much Wellbrutrin I ingest, the situation at work is not going to change. What can change is my reaction to it. I'm working on that; I am making slow, slow progress. I catch myself slipping into the sad state, staring off into myself, stagnant. But there are other times, too; times when I feel... lighter. Less stuck. So there's that.... Read more →

Relatively Speaking

Last Sunday, I had brunch with my second cousin Meg (I think I've got that relationship right). Until she read my post about my grandfather and sent me an email, I never knew she existed! It turns out that my grandfather and her grandfather were brothers! She and her husband came to town to visit their son, so we got together to exchange our various life stories and get to know one another. We had... Read more →

Chocolate Cannoli and Penny Candy

When I was a little girl, my mom did her grocery shopping at a tiny family store at the end of our street. It was called Fowler's Market -- owned (of course) by Pa Fowler. The store was in the front of the house; the family lived in the back and the basement. The counter was just inside the door to the left, with a big old fashioned cash register and big jars of penny... Read more →

Things I Like

Here is a list of things I like, just because it's nice to remind myself that there are such things. Butter pecan ice cream. Sunlight. Lots and lots of sunlight. Watching our herd of unspeakable cats. (Yes! They are all unspeakable cats!) Making bad puns. (To wit: When I saw the film of the seagull perching on the papal chimney, I said, "I guess he has a bird's eye view!" Yes, I will happily stoop... Read more →

Getting Well

Long story short: Appointment made, appointment kept, doctor consulted, condition diagnosed, prescription written, medication started, therapy to be scheduled. Do I feel better already? No. But I will. It's strange, this depression thing. It's not like I sit around and weep all day, or that I'm frozen in place, or that I hate my life and everyone around me. That's not it at all. I can still joke around and still have a good time,... Read more →

More Than The Blues This Time

What a weird day. Snow, rain, wind, snow, sleet, snow, rain, nothin', snow... snain! This storm was hyped to high heaven. It lived up to the forecast in some areas, but in my neck of the woods it wasn't all that. The ground got coated with about three thick inches of icy goo, but the roads (thankya!) are clear. All the weather worry meant that I worked from home today. I set myself up in... Read more →