Chocolate Cannoli and Penny Candy
Day to Day

Relatively Speaking

Last Sunday, I had brunch with my second cousin Meg (I think I've got that relationship right). Until she read my post about my grandfather and sent me an email, I never knew she existed! It turns out that my grandfather and her grandfather were brothers! She and her husband came to town to visit their son, so we got together to exchange our various life stories and get to know one another.

A Busy Week

We had a wonderful time! I gave her one of the several milk bottles from the family dairy; she gave me a ton of ancestral information, including a great photo of my great-grandmother, Mary Jane Cummings Wise. She looks a little grumpy in this photo, doesn't she? But I'll tell what, the resemblance to my grandfather and my Pop is eerie.


Meg also gave me a picture of our mutual great-uncle (I think) John, who was a Jesuit! Just like the Pope! I found a later picture of him in my mom's collection of her favorite pictures, so here he is as a young priest and as an old priest.


We yakked on and ate a great brunch, and parted with promises to keep in touch. I'm going to send her a geneology that I have from another distant cousin. I'm pretty sure that Meg can fill in some of the holes, because I think her whole branch was left out.

A whole lot of other stuff happened last week -- including an overnight trip to Seattle -- but all that is for another entry.