Tights Are Not Pants: Sparkles Edition
Really, I'm Fine. Just Fine.

Sunday Sundry

Things are better at work, which is good because I didn't get the job in St. Thomas. I decided to relax and not get so bent out of shape about shit I have no control over, for one thing. I'm still getting irritated, but hey, none of this is worth getting my bowels in an uproar (as my Pop used to say). I'm trying to breathe and move instead of getting wound up and stuck. Who knows, it could work.

I did the taxes, filed them, and have already gotten our Maryland refund. Hello, new brakes and shocks! Our federal refund is due mid-week; hello, new stove! I tell you, we are all fancy up in here. I must say, I do like Turbo Tax a lot. I also really like the IRS's "Where's my refund?" feature. Maryland has a similar feature; when I checked it yesterday, it told me that my return had been approved and my refund sent to my bank. Sure enough, there it was! Remember the olden days when you filled out those forms by hand, trusted your arithmetic, sent them off, and then waited and waited and waited? This is better. Who knows, the future could be better yet!

I'm watching news on the blizzard in New England just now. Man! I feel for all my pals in New England. Our last blizzard was Snowmaggedon in 2010; since then the DC area has had a grand total of 13" of snow. Although, as we were clumping toward the train after yet another Caps loss at home, I overheard a meteorologist (that's what he said he was, I swear) say that they were seeing signs that we could get clobbered over President's Day weekend. It makes sense; some of the biggest snowstorms we've ever had in this neck of the woods have been over President's Day. Who knows, it could snow!

It's been a terrible start for my Capitals; they're in last place in the Eastern Conference in fact. But! Last night's game against the Panthers provided a ray of hope -- my boys won 5-0, Ovie scored, and our goalie was brilliant. And the hope? That we can keep it up! Who knows, we might!

We saw "The Quartet" today. I really loved it. Yes, it's kind of another "feel good" British film (although directed by Dustin Hoffman), but the acting is lovely and the story is sweet and the music is beautiful. I love Maggie Smith! And Billy Connolly is terrific too. I hope, when I am old old, that I'll be able to find a place to live that is as nice as the one in this movie. Who knows, it could happen!