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Sunday Stealing on Oscar Night

First Job: Babysitting. I started babysitting for my nephew when I was 12. I got paid, so I figure it counts!

First Real Job: Santa's Helper, during Christmas season at a local mall. It was horrible. I quit two days before Christmas Eve.

First Volunteer Job: Day Camp Counselor

First Car: 1970 Chevy Nova

First Record: LP or 45? Oh, I'll just do both. First 45: Bernadette, by the Four Tops. First LP: The Beatles Second Album, because the store was sold out of Meet the Beatles.

First Sport Played: Does kickball during recess count? Because that's about it, except maybe for volleyball during phys ed class in high school.

First Concert: The Righteous Brothers.

First Country Visited: France -- I was 15, on a study tour sponsored by my high school. I spent three weeks in Orsay (near Paris) and three weeks in Antibes. We took French class in the morning and went on tours in the afternoon. My little group also took a three-day side trip to Rome, because our chaperone's boyfriend lived there. It was really wonderful.

First Kiss: On that very side trip to Rome, with a boy named Luigi, who was a friend of my chaperone's boyfriend.

First Speech: I gave the speech for my kindergarten graduation. It was also my first acting role, because I was dressed up like the principal, Mother Bernadette. Yes, I was a mini-nun.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: My first real boyfriend was a boy named Charlie. I was a sophomore in high school; he was a senior. He played guitar in a rock and roll band and took me to many concerts, including my first. He broke up with me after awhile. When I was in college, he tried to get back together with me, but I had moved on.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Does being on the Bozo the Clown show when Willard Scott was Bozo count? I say it does!

First Brush With Death: I had double pneumonia when I was five. My mom told me later that I was very very sick, and she was terribly afraid that I wouldn't make it. The only reason I wasn't hospitalized was because the doctor -- who was friends with my parents -- came to house every day to give me a shot.

First House/Flat Owned: Our first home purchase was a two-bedroom condo. It was a great apartment.

First Film Seen at a Cinema: Cinderella, when I was five. (Geez, a lot of this stuff happened when I five!)

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV): I was on a local kid's show called Ranger Hal when I was nine. I even won a prize!

First Hospital Stay: I think I'm very fortunate that my first hospital stay was when I had SonnyeBoy. And a good thing too, because my uterus turned inside out after he was born.

First Book You Remember Reading: Dick and Jane -- the first grade reader.

First Pet: Molly, a tiger cat.

First Election You Voted In: 1972 -- I voted for George McGovern.