Sunday Stealing on Tuesday
Tights Are Not Pants: Sparkles Edition

Family Fun Time!

My sister threw a Super Bowl party last night and I had a blast! It was not a large affair -- just family, a whole lot of good football food, and four (or five?) glasses of wine. For me.

I seldom drink, so those four (or five?) glasses of wine relaxed me quite a bit. We have a lot of fun when we all get together... we crack jokes, share memories, and mostly laugh a lot.

We did have a little bit of business to take of before the game and the food got started. Remember Hurricane Sandy? And how we thought our beach house escaped any damage?

Alas; such is not the case.

For some reason -- probably having to do with the fact that it's a modular home -- all of the duct work for the heating and air conditioning system is in the crawl space under the house. And, to avoid rust in such a humid area, it's made out of thick, thick cardboard (or something close to it).

Yes, friends, we have a paper A/C system.

Such systems do not fare very well in hurricanes where the crawl space fills up with water; neither does the 20 year old compressor. My brother-in-law patched it back together with spit and duct tape, but that lasted all of five seconds and the whole thing basically melted during the next storm.

So we have to replace the whole system, including some decent duct work that runs through the attic.

This is, as you might expect, Not Cheap. In fact, it is damned fucking expensive, and that's for the middle of the road system. So we filed a flood insurance claim, and my sister and brother-in-law braved the cold cold house to meet the insurance adjuster. It looks like everything will go through.

But anyway, we got all that over with early, so that we could enjoy the game. We were a divided family, however. My sister, niece, and brother-in-law were rooting for the 49ers, but the rest of us were rooting for the Ravens. Yes, I am a diehard Redskins fan, but I am also a Maryland gal whose ancestors come from Baltimore and whose son is a dead ringer for Joe Flacco.

What a game! I've got to hand it to the 49ers; they have a way of lulling their opponents into a sense of complacency and then BOOM! Seventeen point in four minutes. Every time Ray Lewis appeared on the TV my sister yelled, "Murderer!" and we all drank some more wine.

But SonnyeBoy Joe Flacco kept his cool and the Ravens defense stood up when they had to and today Charm City is celebrating.

My favorite commercial, by the way, was the "Montanaland" Tide commercial.

And I had a great night's sleep after four glasses of wine; I felt great this morning! I think I was so relaxed from all that lovely white zinfandel and moscato that I didn't grind my teeth at all.

So, lesson learned! Time for a glass of wine!