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Won't You Please, Please Help Me?

No, I am not above quoting the Beatles!

I was reading DC Blogs yesterday and clicked through to a very funny post from The Big Piece of Cake. The entry was delightful, but what really caught my eye was the blurb at the bottom about a show called Listen to Your Mother.

This show is about motherhood, Auditions are being held in February. Auditioners prepare and deliver an essay about motherhood, from being a mother to having a mother to just thinking about mothers. The pieces need to be personal, about 5 minutes long.

I've decided to ask for an audition. I haven't acted in a long, long time and I would love to get back into it. Of course, there are a lot of "ifs" -- if I snag an audition appointment, if I don't screw up the audition, if I get selected for the show...

But, as the Great One says, you miss 100% of the shots you never take, so I'm taking a shot.

And I need your help! Which entry should I use as my audition piece? I'll probably edit it to ensure it fits the time limit, but the bulk of the entry will be the same. Anyway, here are the entries I'm considering. Take a look, then pick your favorite in the following poll.

Today She Was in China
Who Knows Where the Spirit Goes
Three Hours in the Stationhouse
Holding Her Hand
She Just Wants to Go Home
Straight into My Heart

Thanks and wish me luck!