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New TV To Me

Since I've been sick for most of December, I haven't really felt like being very active. Instead, I've been watching a shitpile of TV. In doing so, I found some great shows that I've totally overlooked!

First I found The Big Bang Theory. Reruns are on after The Simpsons reruns, and one night I just didn't switch channels. I'm glad I didn't! I love the four brainy nerdy scientists! Of course they are all completely stereotyped, but I gotta say that I know people like them. (Yes, including Sheldon.) Luckily I can catch up on previous seasons through syndication, and follow the new season. It debuts tonight!

And how in the world have I missed out on Portlandia? I think it's the best sketch comedy show since Kids in The Hall, and I adored Kids in the Hall. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are fantastic! I love the many characters and the situations. I have definitely been to the DC version of the feminist bookstore, and watched crafty shows like Put a Bird on It! I'm going to keep up with this one, for sure.

Finally, I've gotten into a whole host of shows since the new WETA-UK started up. WETA-UK is a new channel on our cable system that features all British TV. There's a lot of my old favorites, like Fawlty Towers, the Vicar of Dibley, and To the Manor Born, but I also discovered shows I'd never seen before. There are comedies like Outnumbered and My Hero, and dramas like Foyle's War and Wallender.

So now I have lots to watch -- should keep me occupied until the next seasons of Game of Thrones and True Blood. Too bad I have to go back to work next week!!