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Sunday Stealing on Tuesday

Work continues to continue; my resume made it past the pre-screening; my Caps are battling the Senators and it's all tied up. So how about a nice, distracting meme? 1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was getting ready for the first seminar of the new year, frantically finishing up my first course for my new job. What a difference 10 years makes! 2. By this time next year, I ... ...hope to... Read more →

It Makes Me Feel Better

I'm watching the US National Figure Skating Championships. One of the favorites kinda screwed the pooch on her program and finished in seventh place -- in the whole entire US -- and was obviously devastated. Poor kid. (Note: I have deleted some content in the interest of fairness. If you want to read it, email me.) Recently, I took a look at the eLearning Guild job board. You know, just in case there was something... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Close Call Edition

There he was, in all his saggy glory, waiting for his ride. The picture does not adequately show it, but take it from me, those jeans were well under his derriere. I always try to get a few shots of these characters, so that I can choose the most illustrative angle. As I was taking the second shot, holy cow! He turned around. I had to move quickly to hide my nefarious deed, but I... Read more →

Inauguration Day (and Other Stuff)

I've only been to one presidential inauguration, that of John F. Kennedy. I was nine years old. Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic president, so all of us Catlicks were beyond thrilled. (In my Catlick school classroom were two portraits: the Pope and John F. Kennedy.) The only thing I remember about that day is that it was freezing cold. I don't remember the parade; I don't remember seeing the presidential motorcade. I just remember... Read more →

Four Years to Medicare!

Today is my 61st birthday -- time flies when you're having fun! I came downstairs this morning to find a lovely wrapped package on the kitchen table. What could it be?? Well, it could be (and was) this beautiful dress! Now I guess we'll have to go someplace schmancy so that I can wear it. Okay! Tonight we went to a local Asian fusion restaurant for my birthday dinner. It was lovely -- I had... Read more →

Working At Home

Yesterday the National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for the area wherein they called for three to five inches of snow, so I worked at home today. Normally I would have gone in to work, but Joe is working the late shift tonight and I had no desire to ride the bus through a screwed up rush hour and then walk home from the bus stop in the dark and the slop. However,... Read more →

New Year Sunday Stealing (Continued)

Before we get to today's Sunday Stealing, here's a brief Public Service Announcement: There's still time to vote for the entry you want me to use as a audition piece for Listen to Your Mother. To vote, go here, read the candidate entries, then vote! And now, back to our regularly scheduled meme. 21) What’s something you’ve always wanted? A million dollars! 22) Do you have hairy legs? Not particularly. They get less hairy as... Read more →

Won't You Please, Please Help Me?

No, I am not above quoting the Beatles! I was reading DC Blogs yesterday and clicked through to a very funny post from The Big Piece of Cake. The entry was delightful, but what really caught my eye was the blurb at the bottom about a show called Listen to Your Mother. This show is about motherhood, Auditions are being held in February. Auditioners prepare and deliver an essay about motherhood, from being a mother... Read more →

New Year Sunday Stealing

Well, the first quarter of the Skins-Seahawks game was delightful! The rest of the game, not so much. And not only that, I have to go back to work tomorrow. So let's cheer up with the first Sunday Stealing of the new year. 1) What side of the heart do you draw first? I actually had to do this a couple of times to see which side I draw first -- and it's the right... Read more →