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Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Close Call Edition

Inauguration Day (and Other Stuff)

I've only been to one presidential inauguration, that of John F. Kennedy. I was nine years old. Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic president, so all of us Catlicks were beyond thrilled. (In my Catlick school classroom were two portraits: the Pope and John F. Kennedy.) The only thing I remember about that day is that it was freezing cold. I don't remember the parade; I don't remember seeing the presidential motorcade. I just remember the cold.

So I'm very glad that it was not so cold today for President Obama's ceremony. Joe and I watched on TV and listened to the radio; I was very moved by all of the performers. The president's speech was impressive and forceful -- I was particularly happy to hear him mention Stonewall and be explicit about supporting gay rights.

We didn't watch the whole thing, because it's also Joe's birthday! He turned 60 today (yes, he's younger than I am by a whole year and three days), so we went to the movies to celebrate. We saw Hyde Park on Hudson, with Bill Murray as FDR and Laura Linney as Daisy, his cousin and mistress. It was very good. Bill Murray is a very good actor and his FDR was understated and subtle.

I had a great birthday weekend too! My sister and brother-in-law took us out to dinner Saturday night; I think we surprised them when the music started up at the pub and we joined in on a rousing version of The Wild Colonial Boy. Afterwards we divided up our Caps tickets and commiserated over their opening night loss.

I also sent in my request for an audition appointment. At 12:15 am. The rule was that you couldn't ask for an appointment before January 21 -- so I responded right when the day turned. I thought that the producers might think I was a bit nuts (and they would be right!) but I got a response at 9:00 this morning confirming my request! So it is on.

And it's not too late to vote for your favorite. The audition isn't until February 16, so I have plenty of time to prepare and be nervous.