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Four Years to Medicare!

Today is my 61st birthday -- time flies when you're having fun!

I came downstairs this morning to find a lovely wrapped package on the kitchen table. What could it be?? Well, it could be (and was) this beautiful dress!

Now I guess we'll have to go someplace schmancy so that I can wear it. Okay!

Tonight we went to a local Asian fusion restaurant for my birthday dinner. It was lovely -- I had steak teriyaki, wonton soup, and a nice glass of plum wine. I like plum wine; it's just sweet enough.

So yeah, I'm 61! I guess that means I'm upper-middle aged, eh? Aw, fuck it -- I'm old. Maybe early old, but old. And that's okay. Some things have changed, for sure; I'm finally going gray and you could pack for the weekend in the bags under my eyes and my knees are rotten and only thing I inhale these days is my asthma medicine.

But even with the gray hair and the baggy eyes and achey knees, I wouldn't trade anything. (Well, I might trade my bank account for a millionaire's.) My darlin' Joe, my handsome son, my wacky family, my amazing friends spread far and wide -- I am so fortunate to be 61 and to have all this.

And hockey starts again tomorrow night! It's a happy birthday indeed!