Visiting Santa



Here I am at age 2ish, terrified of Santa Claus. Aren't most little kids terrified of the strange old guy with the big white beard? I do give my Mom a lot of credit for having the sense of humor to keep this one.

Visiting Santa

I don't remember this, but I do remember later visits to Santa. I enjoyed seeing Santa Claus quite a lot! Seeing Santa was quite an event. I vaguely recall going "all the way downtown" to the big Woodward and Lothrop store to see Santa, but mostly we went to the local department store. We always got dressed up; after all, we were getting our picture taken!

I was five in this next picture, wearing my best winter coat and hat. The coat was nice enough; it had a velvet collar and cuffs, but I loved that hat! It was black velvet and had a little white fur pompom hanging down the side on a velvet ribbon. It was the cutest thing ever. I figured if I wore it, Santa couldn't help but remember me and my wishes.

Visiting Santa

Santa, on the other hand, was kind of drunken and pervy looking.