One Day I Will Be Well For More Than A Week

The Haul


Okay! So this time around I have asthmatic bronchitis, whoopee! I am now taking antibiotics and puffing on two different inhalers.

But hey! Talking about sickness is no fun! Let's talk about what I got for Christmas instead. Woo! Braggity brag showing off!


Joe gave me the Igigi Phoebe cardigan and the Ashley Infinity Tunic, and a fun crossword puzzle book. SonnyeBoy gave me the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and the fourth season of Friday Night Lights. I love every single one.

The Igigi clothes fit perfectly and look great. I will admit to hinting heavily about the tunic, but the cardigan was a complete and wonderful surprise. Everyone will benefit from the cookbook, because I intend to spread that wealth. I may have to pace myself with the crossword puzzles, because I will be tempted to do all of them at once. And the FNL DVDs? That season contains the best episode of television that I have ever seen.

So yeah, I got some great gifts. Of course, the best gift of all was having SonnyeBoy home for actual, real live Christmas, even if he did get there just before dark and even if he did only get to stay one night. (And we had pie for breakfast!) I'm not at all sure how we did it, but we must have done something right.