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Ten Things About Football And Me


1. Today the Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns, putting them in a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East. However, because they have the best division record. I am very happy about this, for I did not expect my team to be in this position!

2. I have been a Redskins fan my whole entire life, mostly because it was a good way to get close to my Pop. If I rooted for any other team over the Redskins, his ghost would rise up and smite me. I still remember him explaining the rules to me: "See, you have four downs to go ten yards." Eventually it made sense!

3.  Back in the day, the big quarterback controversy of the Redskins was Sonny Jurgensen versus Billy Kilmer. I liked Sonny. I still do!

4. Some of my favorite Redskins players -- beside Sonny -- include: Art Monk, Dave Butz, Charley Taylor, Darrell Green, John Riggins, Mark Moseley, Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, and Robert Griffin III.

5. Speaking of Art Monk, I once saw him in the dining car on the Amtrak train to Atlanta. Alas, I was too shy to go up and speak to him. I wish I had!

6. When John Riggins broke a tackle on fourth and one and ran for the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl XVII, Joe and I cheered so loud we scared SonnyeBoy and made him cry. Poor kid!

7. And then, we swamped the Broncos to win Super Bowl XXII. We had a great Super Bowl party for that one!

8. In 1992, we watched our beloved Redskins win Super Bowl XXVI, beating the Buffalo Bills 37-24.

9. And then the long slide into oblivion began. Twenty years of frustration, playoff losses, and losing seasons. A parade of coaches and quarterbacks marched in and out of Washington. Even Joe Gibbs couldn't fix it. It's been tough to be a Redskins fan these last several years.

10.  I know all of the words to the Redskins Fight Song by heart -- yes, even the middle ones. And boy, it's been fun to sing them the last few weeks!