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Barreling Toward Christmas

Seafood Beer Dinner


I missed posting yesterday because I was busy enjoying three of my favorite things: seafood, beer, and dinner! We went to Growler's, a local brewpub, to have this five course meal featuring specially brewed beers to accompany each course.

Oh holy dear sweet Jesus, it was good!Seafood-dinner

They did tweak the menu slightly, in that the First Catch and Third Catch listed here were reversed. That was a good decision, because the seafood sausage was perfect as a starter. It was creamy and light, and the crunchy, citrusy slaw complemented the smooth mousselline beautifully.

All of the food was good, but my favorite dish was the grilled romaine salad with red onion, green princess dressing, and hot smoked salmon. Oh my!! It was fantastic. And the beer? A delightful Roggen Bier with pastrami spice! I am not a beer connoisseur; in fact, I don't drink a lot of beer at all, but this beer was great!


All of the beers were paired perfectly with the food. Because the seafood dishes were delicate in flavor, the beers were brewed specifically to have more subtle flavors rather than bold tastes. Good decision!

Dessert was very clever. The chef took Swedish Fish candy and melted it, then somehow jelled it again so that it looked exactly like sushi roe. It sat on top of a delicious crumbled buttermilk biscuit. The Christmas Kolsch was a delightful pairing, sweet and light, just like the dessert.

Growler's is planning to do more of these beer dinners next year, and I for one can't wait!