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Visiting Santa

Here I am at age 2ish, terrified of Santa Claus. Aren't most little kids terrified of the strange old guy with the big white beard? I do give my Mom a lot of credit for having the sense of humor to keep this one. I don't remember this, but I do remember later visits to Santa. I enjoyed seeing Santa Claus quite a lot! Seeing Santa was quite an event. I vaguely recall going "all... Read more →


Today is the first day that I have felt significantly better. And a good thing too, because the doctor's note I got in the ER says I should be okay to go back to work tomorrow. I am planning on it. I tell ya, being home from work loses its charm when it is accompanied by fever, chills, coughing, aches, and fainting. The cough is much improved and doesn't hurt. My nose is not stuffy.... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Pants On Pants Edition

I am getting better. I even fixed dinner, although putting chicken in the oven and toasting some English muffins is not exactly difficult. But I am still not there yet. Even that tiny bit of work has tuckered me right out, and I am still wheezing a lot. So rather than bore you with still more flu talk, let's have a look at this fellow, who seems to be going for the best of both... Read more →

Things I Am Tempted To Order

I have seen a lot of daytime TV commercials from my sickbed. I'm tempted to order everything just to see if they work. A consumer reporter on our local news does this very thing, but I think it would be lots more fun to do it myself. For example, Tag Away! This product will solve your annoying skin tag problems in a few short weeks. Just dab it on those nasty things -- no matter... Read more →

The Flu Continues

Well, my bruises are blooming nicely. I have five at last count: one knee, two shoulder, one forearm, and one cheek (upper). The knee is the most impressive, but the shoulder hurts worse. The forearm is from the first try at the IV port. The cheek bruise looks like badly applied dark blusher. My back evidently got torqued up too, because man oh man, it hurts to stand up or sit down or bend down... Read more →

Happy Hospital!

So, I spent most of today in the ER. Don't panic; I have the flu. And no, I didn't get my flu shot yet this year, because everytime they offered them work I had a conflict, and I just never around to going to Kaiser for it. That will never happen again, for flu is a holy goddamn bitch. I spent most of yesterday alternately freezing and sweating, coughed enough that my sides ache, and... Read more →

Someday Perhaps I Shall Get A Tattoo Maybe

One of my current guilty pleasures (yes, I have more than one; shut up) is this "reality" TV show called Ink Master, wherein a bunch of tattoo artists compete for $100,000 and -- even better! -- the title of Ink Master. It is exactly the same as Shear Genius, which was a hairstyling competition and another one of my (many) guilty pleasures, except with needles instead of scissors. There are three judges: Dave Navarro (a... Read more →

Home For The Holidays

My Pop served in World War II; he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy. As Christmas approached in 1945, he was in Manila, Philippines, waiting to come home. He sent this standard notice to my Mom and to his friends. My parents' dear friend, Helen Hodge Cox, sent him this reply, signed by her and her family: I wish I could have been at that party; knowing my folks and their friends, I... Read more →

Christmas Carols, Mostly

Joe sent me a text message this afternoon that read "Just in case you were wondering, I love you." This is a very nice message to receive in the middle of a boring afternoon at work. And then, on the way home, he started up a tape (yes, we still have a cassette player in the car; it's the only one we have!) of Handel's Water Music, which is my favoritest classical music in the... Read more →