The Ruby Anniversary

Family For Christmas

Joe got home from work on Saturday afternoon and we took off to celebrate an early Christmas with Joe's family. We chased the sun west, over the ridges and through the woods, and got to the best place in western Maryland.

We got there in time to nosh on cold cuts and cookies, and cheered on my nieces and their delightful kids as they built a beautiful cookie tree. The real tree was just as beautiful.

Yesterday was the feast. Friends and relatives came up to the top of the ridge to eat and laugh and hug on each other; to remember my brother-in-law and feel his presence with us, laughing right along. And boy oh boy, did we eat! Cold cuts and curry and cookies; lasagna and salads and cake kept us busy munching. The kids played with new toys and the rest of us just enjoyed being together.

Tonight, back home, we head over to my sister's for more food, more love, more Christmas.

And that's what it's all about, isn't it? Love, family (whether it's family by blood or by choice), fun, and -- of course -- food!

Merry Christmas!