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Last night, despite the fact that I was recovering from my latest bout of bronchitis, I went to the biggest football game of this season: Redskins versus Cowboys, for the NFC East Division title. Or, as they say, all the marbles. I bundled the hell up too, because Fedex Field is a proper football stadium, meaning that there is no dome to keep out the weather. And last night, at game time, the temperature was... Read more →

The Haul

Okay! So this time around I have asthmatic bronchitis, whoopee! I am now taking antibiotics and puffing on two different inhalers. But hey! Talking about sickness is no fun! Let's talk about what I got for Christmas instead. Woo! Braggity brag showing off! Anyway. Joe gave me the Igigi Phoebe cardigan and the Ashley Infinity Tunic, and a fun crossword puzzle book. SonnyeBoy gave me the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and the fourth season of Friday... Read more →

One Day I Will Be Well For More Than A Week

I made it through the travel, the feasting, the cooking, the welcoming home-ing, the present giving and receiving, and the hugging; and now I can collapse for a few days. Yes, I am sick AGAIN. This is my fourth bad bout of upper respiratory viral infection this year; the third in the last three months, for God's sake. I don't know why I'm getting all these damn colds/flus/bronchitises. I've been exercising. I've been watching what... Read more →


I'm sitting on the sofa listening to Handel's Messiah. It was years before I knew that there was much much more to Messiah than the Hallelujah Chorus. When I did find out, it was like I'd been given a present. I love this music so much. My first inkling that there was more to the piece was in high school. I was an alto in the glee club, and we sang a few of the... Read more →

Family For Christmas

Joe got home from work on Saturday afternoon and we took off to celebrate an early Christmas with Joe's family. We chased the sun west, over the ridges and through the woods, and got to the best place in western Maryland. We got there in time to nosh on cold cuts and cookies, and cheered on my nieces and their delightful kids as they built a beautiful cookie tree. The real tree was just as... Read more →

Barreling Toward Christmas

I think the gift shopping is done. No, I lie. It's almost done. I think I have one more gift to buy; maybe two. We are planning to head west on Saturday afternoon to see Joe's sister's family, for the first time since my brother-in-law died. I am looking forward to seeing my sister-in-law; I want to hug her a lot. Joe gets off work at 3:00, so we would likely get on going around... Read more →

Seafood Beer Dinner

I missed posting yesterday because I was busy enjoying three of my favorite things: seafood, beer, and dinner! We went to Growler's, a local brewpub, to have this five course meal featuring specially brewed beers to accompany each course. Oh holy dear sweet Jesus, it was good! They did tweak the menu slightly, in that the First Catch and Third Catch listed here were reversed. That was a good decision, because the seafood sausage was... Read more →

Ten Things About Football And Me

1. Today the Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns, putting them in a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East. However, because they have the best division record. I am very happy about this, for I did not expect my team to be in this position! 2. I have been a Redskins fan my whole entire life, mostly because it was a good way to get close to my Pop. If I rooted... Read more →


Again. Another madman; another mass shooting. Only this time the madman slaughtered little children. Kids who were looking forward to Santa or enjoying their Hanukkah gelt are now gone in a hail of bullets, leaving their parents to grieve. Once again, I cannot wrap my mind around this. I cannot figure out what happens to a person to make them commit such a horrible horrible crime. How does a person determine that, not only must... Read more →