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Last night, despite the fact that I was recovering from my latest bout of bronchitis, I went to the biggest football game of this season: Redskins versus Cowboys, for the NFC East Division title.

Or, as they say, all the marbles.

Hail!I bundled the hell up too, because Fedex Field is a proper football stadium, meaning that there is no dome to keep out the weather. And last night, at game time, the temperature was pretty much at freezing.

I wore my long johns, two pairs of socks, warm pants, a tank top, a turtleneck, a fleece top, my parka, a wool scarf, a knitted toque, gloves under mittens, and a vintage Gary Clark jersey over everything.

I was glad to be so bundled up, too, especially during the great tailgate party we had. My sister (who invited us to the game) puts on a fantastic tailgate. We set up the cozy tent, first up the little heater, and set out a spread fit for a king: roast beef, cocktail weiners in sauce, two kinds of wings, hot crab dip, hot veggies and cheese, chips and dips, wine, beer, soda, water, and cookies for dessert. There was probably more than that, but that's what I remember.The tailgaters all around us were amazing. There were Redskins Luchadores, there were folks with painted faces, there was loud music playing. Every Cowboys fan that walked past was roundly booed. (Hey, if you're going to walk into a Redskins in enemy regalia, you need to be prepared for that.)

(Note to the independent t-shirt entrepreneur: The Redskins colors are BURGUNDY and gold, not MAROON and gold. Dude. Get it right if you want to charge $20 for a cheesy t-shirt. (My sister was livid.))

Unfortunately, I lost one mitten/glove when I went through the security scan. It was okay, though, because I found that my hands really didn't get very cold! I think the massive crowd raised the ambient temperature by about 10 degrees!

And the GAME! Oh holy dear sweet Jesus, that GAME!! It was, of course, a heartstopper. The Cowboys scored first, but the Redskins tied it up and then pulled away. Once we took the lead, we kept the lead. A tiny finger of concern pressed on my last nerve when the Cowboys pulled within three points late in the fourth quarter, but when Rob Jackson intercepted a Tony Romo pass with three minutes to go I thought, "Holy shit! We're gonna win this game!" The stadium crowd went completely berzerk with that interception (Romo's third, by the way), only to go slightly more berzerk when Alfred Morris scored to ice the game.

The Cowboys fan sitting behind us, after much trash talking, just sat in this seat with head in his hands. My remaining mitten/glove had fallen under my seat (which, I might add, I sat in for about a grand total of 15 minutes during the entire game) and was marinating in a mixture of lemonade, beer, and wine, so I left it there. I have more mittens.

After the wonderful game, there was joyous celebrating at the post-game tailgate. We drank champagne and ate more cookies and hugged each other and high-fived everybody walking by, because our Redskins won the NFC East Championship (first time since 1999) and made the payoffs (first time since 2007).

When I finally got home at 1:00 am, Joe was still up to scoop me up in his arms and dance around the house.

I had a fabulous time! I may have lost my mittens, but I do not care.

Hail to the Redskins! Hail victory!

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for being you. May our 2013s be as successful as last night's game.