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The Ruby Anniversary

Barreling Toward Christmas


I think the gift shopping is done.

No, I lie. It's almost done. I think I have one more gift to buy; maybe two.

We are planning to head west on Saturday afternoon to see Joe's sister's family, for the first time since my brother-in-law died. I am looking forward to seeing my sister-in-law; I want to hug her a lot. Joe gets off work at 3:00, so we would likely get on going around 4:00 -- yes, just as the sun's going down.

There's the added uncertainty with the weather. I'm hoping hoping hoping that the predicted snow (damn you, Draco!) stays on the western side of the ridge that separates Cumberland from Frostburg. Neither Joe nor I likes to drive in the snow, especially in the dark and especially on winding country roads. If it looks too iffy, we may wait until Sunday morning. Amazingly, Joe does not have to work on Christmas Eve, which gives us some welcome flexibility.

Christmas Eve is shaping up to be a damn busy day regardless of our travel plans, especially because I still have to do the Christmas dinner grocery shopping and any last-minute gift shopping I decide to do. At least I can do the decorating (which will be minimal at best) and wrapping on Saturday while Joe is at work. And then, of course, we have the Family Christmas Eve feast at my sister's house. (Note to self: Bring salad.)

Christmas dinner will be the usual turkey and three starches, plus cranberry sauce and the best pumpkin pie in the whole entire world, which is just the way I like it.

Luckily, it's also just the way Joe and SonnyeBoy like it.

YES! SonnyeBoy will be home for Christmas! He has to work Christmas Eve (bummer) and doesn't get off until 8:00 am Christmas morning, but then he will come home for presents and food. He'll even be here for a couple of days! This makes me ridiculously happy.

I'm a wee bit bummed that he won't be home for the Christmas Eve feast at my sister's house, but yay for Christmas!