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Another madman; another mass shooting. Only this time the madman slaughtered little children. Kids who were looking forward to Santa or enjoying their Hanukkah gelt are now gone in a hail of bullets, leaving their parents to grieve.

Once again, I cannot wrap my mind around this. I cannot figure out what happens to a person to make them commit such a horrible horrible crime. How does a person determine that, not only must he murder his mother, he must also murder children and teachers?

Once again, there are people who say it's not the ridiculously easy access to guns. Oh no, it's the lack of prayer in schools that causes these people to go off. Don't believe me? Here is just one paragraph from an actual comment on

The problem is the “craziness” of mankind. The “craziness” in America is creating selfish, evil, and criminal activity since SCOTUS “banned” the “Holy Bible” and its’ teachings from our “public schools”; a ban of the “Biblical” teachings as proposed, presented, and installed in our Constitution based on Christian values.

And then there are the idiots who post "serves them right" type awfulness:

It may sound crase [sic] but one can only hope that the majority of the children killed belong to pro-gun parents.
Are you fucking kidding me?? That remark is not only crass (or "crase"), it is simply and utterly cruel.
Yesterday's tragedy is the 13th such tragedy this year alone. I can't help thinking that once again, we will all be horrified, we will all cry and hold our loved ones, and then we will continue on our way until the next one. But someday, somehow, some way, we have to figure out how to make it stop.
I wish I knew how.