Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Red Drawers Edition
For All Of It

Next Up: A Closet

I was so proud of myself that year we decluttered the basement and returned to a livable space.

Well, it didn't last very long, what with cleaning out Mom's house and moving stuff around and just general neglect.

I took a couple stabs at organzing all the stuff and at least cleared out most of Mom's stuff... clothes, photographs, jewelry... and then we took a whole bunch of stuff to the dump.

But still there was a lot to do. We just couldn't seem to generate the energy to do it.

Then Joe had enough. While I was at work, he dug in and dug out. He loaded the car and went to the dump; he vacuumed and dusted and rearranged. I don't even know exactly what he took to the dump, and I don't care. I figure if I don't miss it (and I don't), then I didn't need it.

Together we decided on artwork -- some of it from Mom's house, some from ours. We decided what to keep and where to hang it, and then we actually hung it up! The rest (none of it worth anything) then got dumped.

Only the powder room remained. It was a disaster area, I admit with shame. So, because Joe pretty much reclaimed the room, I decided to sandblast the bathroom. After all, I have this week off from work, so I can't claim that I don't have the time.

And today, I finally gathered the scrub brushes, the Bon Ami, the Wet Jet, the broom and dust pan, and the Windex and got busy.

I tossed some junk. I scrubbed and swept and polished and flushed.

And behold, a usable bathroom!

Amazing. For today, at least, I'm next to Godly.

Next goal? Keep it that way.