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Lazy Sunday Stealing

Well, it's the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation and I have been taking it easy. Therefore, I shall take it easy on the blogging front with today's edition of Sunday Stealing. 1. Where was your profile picture taken? I believe this question is about my Facebook profile picture -- if so, it was taken in my bathroom. 2. Name someone who made you laugh today. Joe, of course. 3. Do you believe exes can... Read more →

For All Of It

There is a line in one of Rita Mae Brown's novels (I cannot remember which one right now) where a character, upon being stricken with a fatal heart attack, says, "Thank you God, for all of it." We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year -- just Joe and me. My cousin's wife passed on hosting the dinner this year because my cousin is in poor health. SonnyeBoy had to work, so he couldn't come home... Read more →

Next Up: A Closet

I was so proud of myself that year we decluttered the basement and returned to a livable space. Well, it didn't last very long, what with cleaning out Mom's house and moving stuff around and just general neglect. I took a couple stabs at organzing all the stuff and at least cleared out most of Mom's stuff... clothes, photographs, jewelry... and then we took a whole bunch of stuff to the dump. But still there... Read more →

Back To The Stars

Image from My brother-in-law died last Wednesday morning, the day after surgery. His vascular system was too weak to sustain his blood flow. I miss him. I was going to post a picture of him, but none of pictures I have really captures his smile, his gravelly voice, his unique sense of humor. He answered the door one morning; the guy at the door was delivering a dumpster. "Hi, I'm from Solid Waste," said... Read more →


So while I was worrying about a stupid house, my sister-in-law was rushing my brother-in-law to the hospital. He was experiencing the worst pain between his shoulders and back that he had ever had. He thought it was a cramp; my sister-in-law knew it was not. The hospital in Cumberland found the problem: he ruptured two of the three layers of his aorta. Yes, his aorta; you know, the biggest artery in your whole entire... Read more →