Something Was Fishy
Time for Sunday Stealing

Strange But True

Once or twice a week Joe works a late shift, which gives me a chance to watch all of the weirdo reality shows that both fascinate and repel me.

I catch up on the toddlers in tiaras, I watch bars being rescued, and I listen to ladies say yes to the dress. Right now I'm watching "Taboo", which is featuring segments on female bodybuilders, a woman who has undergone pretty extreme tattooing and piercing and tooth sharpening, and folks who are into a form of body modification called bagel head, where saline solution is injected into the forehead in the shape of a bagel. I wonder if they go for a little schmear.

So the other night I was doing a channel spin and landed on "Long Island Medium," a show about a woman who is your quintessential big-haired, platinum blonde, stiletto-wearing gal who just happens to communicate with dead people. She does private readings and parties, and sometimes, right out in public when she leasts expects it, a spirit will speak up and she'll pass along the message.

I'm not going to speculate on whether she's a scam or not. Maybe she is; maybe she isn't. I've seen Ricky Jay debunk spiritualists and astrology, but I've also seen Joe after he saw a ghost at Antietam Battlefield.

Here's what happened.

While the Long Island medium lady was talking with a family about their mom, telling them what the mom wanted them know, a lump rose in my throat, my eyes misted over, and I felt Mom sitting beside me. It was a strong, warm presence -- not in me; beside me. And then I just broke down crying from missing her, from feeling her. I talked to her through my tears. And pretty soon the feeling faded away as the Long Island medium lady moved on to her next client.

Could it have been a visit? Could it just be a reaction to a silly reality show? Both? Neither?

Maybe I'm just nuts.